Career advice for you twentysomethings

I hit a crossroads early on in my life, at about 22 years old. I sat in my apartment just off the campus at the University of Kansas, kicking back in my super-cool papasan (replica pictured below). And as I looked over that little apartment, the idea that More was expected of me (by whom? why?) […]

Public speaking for those who hate to, but have to

The polls say that public speaking is Americans’ number two fear, right behind snakes. What a shame. (I suppose it stands to reason, then, that public speaking ABOUT snakes would cause instant death. I don’t know.) I say “what a shame” because there is so much to be gained when everyday people are called upon […]

Things I carry: Hardware, software, and a secret weapon

I could live without some of these things. I was hyper-productive 10 years ago without any them, but oh how I’ve come to rely on them now… 1. Moleskine notebook(s) I’ve got three. A large black Moleskine for work notes – every conversation, every meeting gets jotted down in that sucker. A large red Moleskine for entrepreneurial thoughts – […]

On overcoming adversity

If I were smart, I’d follow the example of my 15-year-old son, Conner. He knows something about overcoming adversity. He knows from experience that you can “not succeed” (I didn’t say “fail”), but come back a second time and win in the end. After choosing to not play baseball from nine years old to 13 […]


Motivational quotes are funny things. Feels like an awful lot of them have been written by people who had it in mind to write a motivational quote. Motivational speakers. Business authors. Political leaders. I think what I like most about this one, though, is that it was never meant to be a “motivational quote”. It […]

Making work personal

Ever watch a movie where the bad guy says to one of the innocents: “It’s not personal, it’s just business”? Yeah, we all have. Michael Corleone said it to Sonny in Godfather II: The thing is, we all the think the same thing when the bad guy says that. It IS personal.  If you’re on […]