18 lessons I’ve re-learned in the last 30 days

I’ve re-learned many lessons over the last 30 days. None that will change your life, but all are good reminders of how to live better. On the list:

  1. Patience is indeed a virtue.
  2. It pays, literally, to be a good listener, not just a good talker.
  3. Humility is a virtue.
  4. We’re capable of far more than we think.
  5. Focus is a virtue.
  6. We’re also capable of over-complicating things that should be relatively simple.
  7. It pays, literally, to be well-read.
  8. People can change, but you might have to work with them a bit. Or a lot.
  9. Being tired is not a good excuse for treating people poorly. It’s not an acceptable disclaimer.
  10. Neither is being hungry.
  11. Or being busy.
  12. Either Google or Facebook will ultimately know more about us than our closest friends. Or at least their servers will.
  13. Despite the stereotype of motivational speakers, people like being motivated.
  14. It’s dangerous to do too much in a vacuum.
  15. Saying “thank you” matters.
  16. Saying “please” matters.
  17. Saying “I’m sorry” matters.
  18. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone.

Thank goodness I keep that business journal, although these are really personal lessons learned through both family experiences and work experiences, not just the latter.

How about you?

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