Brandon Hull Temecula CaliforniaI’m a husband to one, a dad to five.

I’m a sales leader by career, a marketer at heart. I’m a person who believes in side projects to fuel a creative outlet, a second income, or to give back to a community.

I’m a son, a brother, and friend.

I’m a Chevy Chase-in-the-1980s fanatic. “You and your wife are currently alive…I take it?” 

I’m a southern Californian by way of Kansas City (both sides of the state line), North Carolina, and Oregon.

I’m the original founder of NextRestaurants.com (sold it in 2016). I’m the past host of Freelance to Founder (2017-2019), and co-founder of HelloCast (sold in 2020).

And finally, the part you’ve all been waiting for: I’m a Leo, which means there are apparently these 21 secret traits you can attribute to me. *Disclaimer: I don’t believe in Zodiac signs whatsoever.

  1. I have a big heart and a lot of love to give the world.
  2. I will unleash FURY if you try to take advantage of my kindness.
  3. When I go for something, I really go for it.
  4. Loyalty is my middle name.
  5. I’m a protector and and my presence makes people feel safe.
  6. I’m a natural born leader who excels when I’m running the show.
  7. I’ll be straight up with you and will always give you the facts.
  8. I’m a social creature who loves to connect with others.
  9. But I also need alone time to unwind and collect my thoughts.
  10. I love a bit of attention and affection.
  11. You can always count on me to come through for you.
  12. I’m an optimist who is able to see the silver lining to life.
  13. I will charm the pants off of you.
  14. I don’t have time to hang onto grudges and negative energy.
  15. I am confident on the outside but sensitive on the inside.
  16. I am playful and fun to be around.
  17. I am a thrill seeker who will try just about anything once.
  18. I have swagger and an effortlessly cool demeanor.
  19. I often communicate my thoughts and emotions through humor.
  20. I can be crazy competitive.
  21. I am spontaneous and unpredictable in love.

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