Ben Tossell: How to Build a $130K Side Hustle in 6 Months

Hosted by Brandon Hull

Today’s guest on Freelance to Founder is at the very forefront of the “no-code” movement: a new way of building tech-based companies without being a developer.

He’s the founder of Makerpad, an educational platform that features tutorials for how normal human beings who might otherwise meltdown if we had to actually write extensive code, can build sophisticated web experiences.

Ben has been running Makerpad for only 6 months, but it’s already generated 6 figures in revenue and features over 400 lifetime members. It’s the real deal.

Learn from Ben in this episode — how he got to where he is by waltzing right through doors of opportunity, how he’s built a tremendous platform that educates and motivates, and pick up some great words of wisdom in our final segment of the episode — yes, our 3&1: one principle, one habit, one person who’s influenced Ben.

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