Blow through your glass ceilings

Glass ceilings
It’s time we all broke through our self-imposed glass ceilings.

We hold ourselves back.

We’re capable of so much more than we think. We imagine barriers that don’t really exist. We blame other people for limitations we set in place.

It’s time we blow through these glass ceilings, and change what we tell ourselves. Don’t you think?

If not now, when our nation’s economy is still struggling, unemployment levels are still ugly, and we employees should be making the most of our present situations to truly stand out and get great results, then when?

At what point do we ask ourselves whether we’re working under self-imposed glass ceilings?

The language I continue to hear from too many people in too many companies is that they can’t succeed in their present situation. They don’t say they’re worried they won’t succeed. They simply can’t succeed. They can’t unless someone else does something and changes their game.

It’s disappointing.

But the good news is, we’re pretty gritty. All of us.

We need to think through and be inspired by the sacrifices and efforts made by people we know or people from our past. This country has a strong pioneer heritage, for example (I’m talking about the real kind, not the digital kind.) I’m not suggesting they never complained about their lot in life, these pioneers, but we sure know how they handled it…many of us are here today because of their grit.

But we definitely need to get our mojo back. In a personal way, not some political or even capitalistic way.

So here’s a tip of the hat to those of you who don’t waste time quibbling over how much easier you wish things were “if only”. Or who, in the face of uncertainty, take the risk.

Kudos to those who blow through the glass ceilings others establish. And a special thank you to those people in my life who refused to put their own in place and set the right example.

We need more of those types of people right now. At this moment.

Can you be one?

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