Brad Hussey: How This Freelance Web Developer Got 400,000+ Students on Udemy

Hosted by Brandon Hull

Today, we chat with Brad Hussey: who went from side-hustling as a freelance web developer to bringing in 400,000+ Udemy students and a nice steady revenue to go with it.

What makes this episode special is Brad’s humility. We’ve got an immensely talented web designer, a former aspiring Broadway stage performer, who — as he puts it, tripped upon successes. What’s valuable to you as a lesson from Brad in this episode is how he seized the moment when his wife pointed out a path he should follow.

You will hear how he got started with freelancing. You’ll hear how Brad talked his way out of his full-time job so he can dedicate more time to his family and make more money. You’ll learn how his BBQ Method for developing relationships and growing his business.

And you’ll get all the ins and outs of how he built a 400,000-student following on Udemy and made a massive amount of money in the process, even with some unique Udemy promotional approaches that watered down his earnings.. And now…you’ll learn why and how he came to start Freelancing Freedom.

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