Buying your kid’s domain name

Clark Hull He may be silly here, but some day you'll want to go to his site.

Isn’t buying your kid’s domain name a no-brainer at this point?

If you do any real work online, why would you NOT buy your kid’s  name (or kids’ names, if you’re like me), at least in the .com form?

Let’s say personal branding has only a cute little 10-year run as a hot thing you need to do to establish your online presence. Some new thing takes its place, let’s say. AFTER that 10-year run ends, or shoot, maybe now, your kid may want to:

Go into business for herself.
Setup an online resume.
Practice and show off his mad HTML and CSS skills.
Embed and promote the next, great, help-you-retire-sooner, YouTube video.
Produce a self-homage to the 215-foot homerun he hit at the Little League World Series.
Manage her own destination to publish illustrations, poems, or other creative writing.
Use some advanced HTML5 feature to see what he might look like in the silver suit he’ll be wearing in the future.

You get the point.

For a measly $10 a year, why would you not do this?

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