Career advice for you twentysomethings



I hit a crossroads early on in my life, at about 22 years old.

I sat in my apartment just off the campus at the University of Kansas, kicking back in my super-cool papasan (replica pictured below). And as I looked over that little apartment, the idea that More was expected of me (by whom? why?) entered my mind.

Uh huh. More with a capital M.


Some of the conclusions I arrived at I’ll save for a future post.

But that moment also served as the inspiration for a question I posed on Quora a good 18 months ago…to which answers still hit my inbox.

It’s received, to my surprise, 29 answers to date.

Here’s a roundup of the “Best of…” answers I’ve received.

  • “I have learnt that you don’t need to be stuck to one field/job all your life. A person can have more than one calling. Changing jobs and trying out different things doesn’t mean you’re fickle minded or confused. It only means that you are willing and honest enough to admit what doesn’t work for you.” (from Chaitra Muldihar, Pune, India)
  • “Talk to people a lot, and make lots of friends. It’s one of the best things you can do for your career.” (from Satvik Beri, Boston, MA)
  • “Figure out one bad habit, which you think can hurt you, and fix it.” (from Anonymous)
  • “Do NOT hold back.” (from Margaret Weiss, New York, NY)
  • “Stop wasting time on useless activities, instead use every second you have to learn hard and create valuable things.” (from Andrei Cristof, Berlin, Germany)

All great advice. I was thinking that, since I asked the question hypothetically I should give my own response to it. That’ll come in Part II.


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