Charlie Francus: How to Convince Huge Brands to Become Your Clients: The 7-year Journey of Springzy

Hosted by Brandon Hull

Charlie Francus knew knew he’d be an entrepreneur one day. It took a little while for the right idea to fully germinate but about 7 years ago he finally launched his company Springzy and now works with some giant brands in the food industry.

Springzy is a combination of software and service that makes it easier for restaurant owners to run staff contests which can spur sales. Early success — along with some freelance work on the side — ultimately made it possible for him to leave his day job to run Springzy full-time.

In this episode, Charlie shares lessons from Springzy that listeners can apply in any business or industry. If you’re paying attention in this one, you’ll hear: how to validate your idea, how to leverage industry expertise to get your product launched, how to use your gut instead of only what the data tells you, and more.

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