Coming at ya’ live from NRA 2011

Alright, so it won’t be “live”, per se. But I will be shooting out some Twitter, blog, and audio (video?) updates from the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago over the weekend.

I won’t be “covering” the show like some kind of web journalist for anyone. I won’t be “livestreaming” it. I won’t push real-time, Ryan Seacrest-style updates.

I don’t have those skills, so much.

But I’ll be there. With the requisite iPhone apps and related accounts setup to pull this off. Ready to whip out said iPhone if I spot a clever brand or product or service, or better yet a smart and creative person I think justifies a little conversation time and some publicity.

That’s the plan. We’ll see how this actually plays out…never thought to approach a show in quite this way before to get the word out.

If you want to follow along, here are your links:

Cinch (Audio)
Vimeo (Video)

I’ve got several sessions on my agenda along with plenty of good old fashioned floor-walking with my VP of Marketing Michele Hincks. should be a good time. Follow along and participate if you like.

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