Coworker endorsements on LinkedIn

I’m not a fan.

In our never-ending request to feel important, and credible, and seem awesome to current or future employers, we seek out endorsements.

It’s not a bad idea on its own. A third-party endorsement or recommendation that you know what you’re doing — that you’re super-good at your job — can make a career. It can open doors. It can make sales happen. It can clinch partnerships.

But those endorsements you seek need to have some oomph behind them. Your coworker may have that kind of clout and killer connections that give her credibility. OR SHE MAY NOT. If she’s really just a coworker, and I mean that in a nice way, DON’T dilute your LinkedIn profile with her endorsement. Future employers aren’t going to give it a lot of credence.

If you need recommendations, do the work that will earn them from the people whose recommendations matter most: your boss, your CEO, your clients.

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