The FTC wants all one of you reading this to know that I may, from time to time, have certain affiliations with those to whom I link or refer you, which provide me with a financial benefit. So let’s get that out of the way right here, on one page.

My Employer

I work for Fluix. I have previously worked as Vice President of Sales at PACIFIC Digital Group, at Aimia, as Vice President of Sales at Main Path Marketing, and as Vice President of National Accounts at NTN Buzztime. I am the original founder and editor of NextRestaurants (site sold in September 2016 to The Rail). I also co-founded HelloCast (acquired).

You’ll See Occasional In-Post Links

While I won’t post ads here, when I suggest you read a book, it will only be a book from my personal library — meaning books I purchased on my own — unless I specifically tell you otherwise, in clear terms in the post. For example, if I get a book for free to review, I’ll tell you at the beginning of the post.

Links to read more about those books and/or purchase them will be affiliate-linked through Amazon. If you know their system, you know it doesn’t amount to a lot financially for me. But you should know now.

There may be other products I suggest you look into or purchase. Wherever there is an affiliate link involved, I’ll do my best to make it clear with the letters “aff” in parentheses right after the link, like this: (aff). Hat tip to Chris Brogan on doing it this way.

Information You Share with Me

I don’t have a plan for publicly posting whatever you or anyone else sends me through this blog’s contact form. I don’t really want to invest the effort. But know that I reserve the right to. At the same time, simply because you comment here, doesn’t mean it’ll be here for a moment or forever. I also reserve the right to delete comments I think are spammy, worthless, fightin’ words, profane, unnecessarily crude, or aimed at personally defaming me or someone else.

That should do it. If you think I’m somehow leading you astray in some other way on this blog, in terms of disclosures, sorry, I’m not. Enjoy the blog. Participate. Subscribe.

(How historic? We gave you the Mahaffie Farmstead. We gave you Garmin. We gave you Darren Sproles. And Rush Limbaugh once made reference to us.)

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