Don’t complain about your job in front of customers

Complain. Less.
(Available in skin-friendly silicone!)

I suppose this could have been a headline-only post. A Google search for the phrase “don’t complain about your job” produces over 15,400 results and the sentence is self-explanatory, but I’ll go on because I’ve got something to add.

See, it’s one thing to complain out loud about how horrible a job is (that you chose). That’s a little goofy, but things don’t always turn out the way you expected so I get it.

I’m talking about those who complain about their jobs while ON THE JOB IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS.

That’s not goofy. That’s stupid, frankly. And it’s rampant in the retail sector.

It’s a shame really. I love what I do, and while I realize not everyone does, I’m constantly surprised at how many people feel they need to get things off of their chest while a line of customers waits for them to finish.

I’ve heard Target check-out specialists tossing complaints back and forth about having to take their lunch break later than they had hoped.

I’ve heard Vons employees railing about their mean managers asking them to work extra hours.

I’ve heard Subway sandwich artists mumbling aloud about how poorly off-the-clock colleagues do their jobs.

Enough! Life for the rest of us is good, folks. Don’t subject us to your frustrations. I suppose you can complain about your boss on your Facebook page. Whatever. Just don’t do it while we pass by or with us standing there waiting to give you our money.

Maybe a reading of A Message to Garcia (aff) is in order for all of us, because this is only partially about the leadership of a company in which this happens. It’s more a matter of personal choice. You can dislike your job, yet tolerate it, until you find a better one. Fair enough. Being so careless as to complain so that the very people you serve, and are possibly auditioning for, for a better role at some point in the future, shows very poor judgment, and, well, it’s beneath you! You’re better than that.

So go on, America. Complain only with your closest confidants. Don’t do it in front of us. Please.

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