Eric Cacciatore: From Struggling Commercial Pilot to 6-Figure Restaurant Podcaster

Hosted by Brandon Hull

This is our interview with Eric Cacciatore, founder of Restaurant Unstoppable – a restaurant business podcast that enjoys a loyal audience and generates over six-figures in revenue.

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After working towards a career as a commercial pilot for 8 years, he cast it off and felt his heart taking him back to the restaurant industry, where he grew up. But a professor challenged his thinking about how people will learn in the future and that changed everything — leading to the creation of Restaurant Unstoppable, a podcast, a directory of service providers, and (soon) an online course library for independent restaurateurs and managers.

Eric shares what this transition was like, the origin of his successful podcast, and what he learned about serving a niche market in the early days when he was first starting out.

His podcast has gotten him access to award-winning chefs, well-known restaurant operators, and is earning him well into the 6 figures as he travels the US to interview them all face to face. Podcasting may seem like a big deal now, but not when he got started. All the more reason his story is a powerful one about serving a community with patience, with sincerity, and with the trust that you’ll attract good people and good karma.

Enjoy our interview with Eric Cacciatore.

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