Ever Gonzalez: How & Why He Left His Day Job and Now Serves a Whole New Industry

Hosted by Brandon Hull

Ever Gonzalez is the mastermind behind OutlierHQ, an incredible podcast community and event organizer, but his journey to success wasn’t quite what you’d expect.

Tune in to learn how Ever went from working long hours in the freight industry to doing work he loves so much he would do it for free. He wants nothing more than to give a voice to podcasters who are exactly that — outliers, maybe even outcasts to some?

People who have lived to tell great stories that the world needs to hear. Ever has sponsored events from coast to coast through Outlier and has even bigger plans for the organization — some say, MOVEMENT, headed into 2020.

Important note: This is my last episode as the host of Freelance to Founder. New podcast launches in January, called Subdivisions.

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting this episode:

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