How to prove who’s the smartest in your circle of friends

Buzztime Communities: New features! For years, people have played Buzztime in thousands of bars and restaurants across North America.

But it just got far more interesting.

We recently launched Communities, a whole new way to prove that while you might not always be the smartest in your circle of friends, you’re definitely not the dumbest. First a real-quick backgrounder.

What is Buzztime? Buzztime is an interactive, on-screen trivia game played in bars and restaurants. It’s fun, can get seriously addictive (in a good way), and can help you take a breather during your lunch hour, or blow off steam with co-workers after work.

But the problem for years has been that you can only really see how you stack up against your friends or co-workers if you brought them with you to play. Otherwise, its seeing how you fared against strangers — whether a few tables away or across the country.

Enter Communities.

The new features of Communities let you see how you fare against your friends in whatever game, no matter where those friends are. You can also add existing players as buddies, invite them to tje public or private groups you create, you can even import friends from your web-based email contacts whom you’ve never introduced to Buzztime.

Got a group of friends you still stay in touch with from your college fraternity? Communities lets you add each other to buddy lists to see who’s the brightest bulb.

Employees spread out across the nation? Create a private group where inter-departmental, transcontinental employees can engage in some friendly competition while getting to know each other.

Want to see how you stand up to fellow Kansas City Chiefs fans in weekly sports trivia? Form a public group and allow longtime fans and newcomers to the Wolfpack to battle it out.

There are other super cool enhancements that will emerge as the year goes by, with more ways to connect and compete, this is just a first step. But pretty cool stuff.

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