How would you make [INSERT COMPANY] more social?

How would you make this company more social?This is a new series I’m rolling out at here at “How would you make [insert company] more social?” (You figured out the [insert company] is on purpose, right?)

Each post in this series will feature a different company. An old-school company: a company still doing things the “old way” and/or mired in an old industry…a company you might not normally give much thought to. And just as you give little thought to them, they appear to completely ignore the tsunami of social media.

Or, as far as we can tell, seemingly ignoring the tsunami of social media. So here’s how it will work:

I’ll introduce the company. Tell you a little bit about their history, industry, and product line. I’ll throw out a few thoughts myself on missed opportunities, then give you a chance to share thoughts in the comments section on what you think they should do to better leverage social media to reach out to existing customers and attract new ones.

First up: Barnes Distribution

Barnes is as old-school as you’re going to find. It’s a 153-year-old company based in Cleveland, Ohio, with parent company Barnes Group, Inc., based in Bristol, Connecticut. Among its first products manufactured were the hoops for hoopskirts and the springs for grandfather’s clocks. It has quite the illustrious history.

In a post scheduled for release tomorrow, I’ll give you a closer look at Barnes Distribution and my thoughts on ways it could gain an advantage in its industry through social media. You’re encouraged to comment with your own thoughts, whether in-depth or based on a cursory glance.

UPDATE: I don’t want to say “I told you so,” but…I told you so. Good post closely related in spirit to this new series I’m embarking on. (And by the way, it’s off to a raucous start.)

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