Hyperlocal ad widgets that work like Google Adsense

Local Deals Ad WidgetsIt’s morning. You’ve brewed your coffee. You’re skimming the news online, maybe including your local version of Patch.com.

As you peruse that site, of all the relevant, targeted ads you’re going to see see strewn about the webpages, wouldn’t you love for some of those were ads on local deals, not just local businesses?

Yes, Patch local sites have their own deals, I get that. They display for me in a ribbon under the logo, when available. But I’m talking about a standardized ad where you can get the deal gist in one quick glance and act on it. Okay, so, I’m not a graphic designer, but the ad to the left is a bare-bones example of what I’m thinking.

There’s a market for a massive ad network that works like Google’s — AdWords on one side for those wanting their deals published, AdSense on the other for those wanting a bit of revenue for publicizing the deals — but isn’t tied to one provider’s deals, like, say Groupon or LivingSocial.

Google’s platform can be used for this today, but I’m talking about one where the ad itself is formatted for easy review by the reader, consistent across a multitude of websites, and hyperlocal.


I think the best company positioned to do something like this is Signpost. Why? Their concept is what Groupon should have been, in my opinion: client-selected deal parameters, client-selected time windows for the deal.

What Signpost is, without this idea, is awesome. I want them to be successful. They’re doing it the way it should be done. Not heavy-handed. Client-focused. This is a killer platform for local merchants.

The thing is…people love their deals. Local merchants love wide publicity for their establishment, but don’t (shouldn’t) like giving away 75% of their revenue on a deal. And AdSense is widespread on personal blogs and websites.

To me, this is a perfect combination.

Does this exist already, and I’m just unaware?

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