If I had a nickel for every Internet marketer’s ‘mistake’

Missing the mark
Internet Marketers: Do you fall for their “mistakes”?

Authenticity matters to me.

When I see a wildly popular Internet marketer make a “mistake” and either:

A) Send out the “wrong” link via email and have to re-send it again, and again, and again…

B) Or publish a blog post with advance signup information that was — wait for it — supposed to have been scheduled, not, GASP, actually published

C) Or tell readers their web server crashed because of so many signups to their webinar/membership website/special report when the doors are first opened, but now it’s fixed and you can still get into their screamin’ deal…

I’ll admit I roll my eyes and mutter under my breath.

It’s on me, I know. This isn’t even on them. I mean, I’m the one who chose to subscribe to their RSS feed or follow them on Twitter. But I guess I’m most disappointed that the “mistake” posts and tweets and emails and server crashes somehow keep rearing their ugly heads.

It’s totally insincere. Seems a bit tired as a tactic. May I even say, dishonest?

Gail Stanwyk: “If I had a nickel for every one of Alan’s flyboy buddies who tried to pick me up, I’d be rich.” Fletch: “You are rich.” Gail: “See what I mean?”

In an age where everyone is correctly shouting for transparency and authenticity and real, albeit digital, conversations instead of old-school thinking where you treat customers like idiots, you’d hope for better.

You’d hope those wanting to be seen as digital leaders would set a new trend.

Unfortunately we see the same all-marketers-are-liars approaches many of us have assailed in years past.

Am I the only one seeing this?

Aren’t we better than this?

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