I’m tired of “content”

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Ideas trump content in blogging. We just haven't realized it yet.

For the last two or three years, there’s been an overwhelming emphasis on “content” in blogging.

It’s king, we’re told. (Side note: the phrase “content is king” is so unique and groundbreaking at this point that it has 348,000 search results on Google.) But this question keeps popping into my head: Did the greatest writers ever worry about content, for content’s sake? How about more recent business authors?

Did Jim Collins simply stuff “content” into Good to Great? Did Stephen Covey think “content” when writing The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?

Let’s go back further in time. Peter Drucker. Did he merely fill pages with keyword-rich content? The answer is no. Each of these business thinkers studied business principles and practices and conveyed them powerfully.

Move beyond popular writers. Are the most popular article websites or blogs popular because of the sheer number of pages they have? Or is it the quality of the ideas shared that keeps people coming back?

We’re steering in the wrong direction when we tell people to concentrate on content. The underlying problem, though, is the over-emphasis on building a reputation or a personal brand, rather than learning and sharing a valuable, proven idea or golden practice.

We live in a search engine world now, where writing articles and blog posts is scrutinized more from a marketability standpoint than a qualitative standpoint.

I’m with those who cry: have something important to say, first and foremost.

UPDATE: This is a fledgling blog, granted. But I think I was right about the quality of what you say mattering more than merely having content.

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  1. I understand what you are saying. I have thought about that a lot actually. Most of my clients have traditionally been acquired via professional relationships and my type of services are usually (i.e. never) talked about – who talks about needing a business valuation due to a divorce, for example. You bring up some very valid points. And I hope I am not doing that with my blog . I am trying to put a new spin on ideas and concepts that are traditionally very boring as I move away from selling hours and doing more writing and course development. I am new to the social media scene. And what I have seen is not only an overabundance of backtracks for contents sake but just a lot of, well actually, bleh! Very nice post!

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