Inbound Marketing: Super social media book

Inbound Marketing: Get Found...
Inbound Marketing, Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah

Just finished reading Inbound Marketing (aff), by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. It’s been out a while now, I finally got to it.

My one word review: outstanding.

At the risk of sounding like an over-the-top paid promoter, this book represents the most concise explanation of social media 101 and SEO that I’ve run across. It doesn’t dive deep into any of the subjects. And that’s a great thing. It’s a primer. It outlines the first steps you need to take to benefit from Google organic searches, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and so on — including turning the leads you get into paying customers.

I cut the authors slack for overwhelming me with the word remarkable, and putting it in italics every time they use it, as they’re wanting to get a point across: don’t just add content to the online world, contribute in a unique and valuable way.

This is one of those marketing books that is a super-easy read for non-marketers. That’s a great thing, too. Because a goodly number of business people need to get their hands on this book. Yes, I just typed the word goodly.

If you think it’s still okay to leave marketing up to the marketing folks, you’re playing from behind. (That’s sports vernacular for, “you’re fighting an uphill battle,” or, “you’re making things more difficult”). If you’re letting your web people just churn away at a redesign of your company’s website without much thought behind what they’re designing and the work behind the scenes, ditto.

So do yourself and your organization a favor. Buy Inbound Marketing. Catch up with the rest of us. Start building your knowledge base for how to compete using social media.

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