It’s not a hill, it’s a mountain…when you start out the climb

Mount Hood, by Aaron Logan
Mount Hood, by Aaron Logan

That title comes to us from U2 (iTunes link). A variation is bandied about in the Hull home with increasing frequency:

Everything is hard before it’s easy.

Alright, it’s not a perfect metaphor. Some things are always easy for most people. Blinking. Chewing food. But many things are hard at first. They take learning. They take practice.

It’s important to come to grips with that, but push forward anyway.

I wrote amongst my earliest posts that you’ve got to have more than one skill. Since I didn’t come up with that career gem, it’s not boasting to say that following that guidance isn’t just a good idea, it’s a necessity in this age.

Now, it may be hard to learn new skills. HTML and CSS and PHP, for example, don’t come naturally to most people who want to start (let alone customize) their own blog. But you should learn them…at least enough to be dangerous. Public speaking is the bane of most peoples’ existence. But you should do everything you can to overcome that fear.

If you’ve been doing things the same way or doing the same things for 15 years — in the same role in your company, especially — it’s time to let go.

By “let go” I don’t mean quit what you’re doing, but I do mean let go of being confined to doing the same things over and over just because it’s easy. Learn skills that complement what you’re doing or take you in a whole new direction. You can learn new skills at night, when you’re “off the clock.” You can learn them on the weekends.

And it will seem like a mountain, rather than a hill, but it’s a mountain worth climbing.

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