It’s not you, it’s me…oh wait, maybe it is you

Disappointed about not getting a job you were gunning for? Feeling a little under pressure from one of your executives?

Before you go running around blaming the world, take stock. Look in the mirror.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s you. Maybe your resume — which you wrote — doesn’t adequately summarize your talents. Maybe you came across as too casual in the interviews…or too intense…or you didn’t even look the other person in the eye. Maybe you walked into a meeting (if you’re currently employed) or an interview (if you’re seeking) with nary a piece of paper in your hand, nothing to jot down notes with, no questions prepared, no data to backup anything you say.

You gotta think through these things. Don’t be too quick to say your boss or the recruiter is the idiot. I’m not saying you’re the “idiot” here, either, but I AM saying you’ve got to be self-aware.

Prepare for how you engage with your senior executives, even your boss, if he or she is lower-level than that. Have your stuff together.

And if it still doesn’t go your way, be big enough to recognize it might be you.

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