It’s time you read ‘Unmarketing’

UnMarketing: The Book, by Scott Stratten
Still working solely from your 1986 textbook edition of Kotler on Marketing? Get UnMarketing. It’s so 2011.

Many years ago I discovered “Moments of Truth”, by Jan Carlzon.

That book fueled my early views on the concept of the customer experience. It was important because it taught the idea of the “customer experience” before anyone thought of putting that phrase in quotation marks, like I just did.

In fact, as I recall, it didn’t even use that term at any point in the text. Anywho, it popped into my head while reading this book and thinking of my recentĀ Home Depot experience.

This little ditty, “Unmarketing“, by Scott Stratten, is a fresh take on the notion of owning the customer experience. But, like Jan Carlzon, he never positions it that way. And he uses our emerging digital-and-social world as the playing field.

To me, this book is less about the tools, and more about how you can utterly change your customer touch points — and utterly transform their perception of you along the way. And maybe so effectively that you’ll never resort to using clumsy words like “utterly”.

Now, Scott never says “moments of truth” or “touch points” (as far as I can remember), nor does he really talk about the customer experience as an experience. He just wants you to engage. Authentically. He wants you to have conversations with people in your market, rather than simply announcing to the world how great you are, over and over.

My personal lessons learned from reading this book are many, but they can be summarized as: 1) Be genuine in all your business connections and you’ll worry less about the competition, 2) Woe to he who automates his social media presence, and 3) If you’re going to write a book, do it your own way — starting with the testimonials!

It’s good reading. It’s fun reading. It’s time you read it, if you haven’t already.

And a final disclaimer: I wasn’t asked to read this book, given it for free, nor “encouraged”, if you know what I mean, to review it.

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