Loose isn’t the same thing as lose

Lose isn't spelled loose.
Lose isn't spelled "loose." That is all.

For those of you keeping score at home or the office, you already know that I try to provide value in a number of ways here at BrandonHull.com.

Business advice. Career advice.

Spelling advice, however, has even farther-reaching dimensions.

The rants on the spelling of “lose” (rhymes with “booze”) as “loose” (rhymes with “moose”) range from locations as diverse as Denver Broncos fan forum posts…to Amazon.com customer discussions…to health website conversations…to deep, pondering questions seeking Yahoo! Answers advice.

No one really knows why we have such trouble spelling “lose.” Maybe it’s that can-do American spirit crying out:

“If I can’t spell lose, I never will lose.”

Or maybe you think it’s inconsequential.

But for the record: “loose” doesn’t equal “lose.”

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