Louis Nicholls: From Founder to Freelancer to Founder — How One Entrepreneur has Flipped the Script for Success

Hosted by Brandon Hull

In this episode, you’ll hear the story of Louis Nicholls, founder of ‘Sales for Founders’, where he teaches sales skills for a mostly tech founder audience.

What makes Louis’ story so different is that it’s a 180-degree flip from our typical script. Louis went from co-founder of Gymhopper.com to setting up his own freelance consulting business.

In just less than 2 years, Louis has a solid financial foundation from his online course and consulting with software companies on growth, with additional courses for his core audience in the works.

Louis’ story is also different in that he’s from Switzerland, and has gained a slightly different perspective on how tech companies in Switzerland and Europe succeed compared to those in the US.

You’re going to learn how Louis has built multiple streams of income, how he manages his different clients, what the future plans for his consulting business look like.

New Segment!

And…there’s a new segment late in the show: “Three & One”.  Louis will share his one answer in three important areas of life, that you’ll want to tackle whether you’re a freelancer or a founder.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Freelance to Founder.

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