Making customers feel stupid

It’s never a good thing to make customers feel stupid.

When you go overboard with “insider” jargon, your own company’s acronyms, product technical specifications not  relevant to me, all of these things make me as a customer feel stupid. Or at least uncomfortable, and not in a good way.

There was a time when you could dazzle customers with your intellect and savvy and sway me to your way of thinking. When you could just drop names like crazy, overwhelm us with your personality and style, let stats and features roll of your tongue with flair. Salespeople and marketers could get away with this because we couldn’t do the same degree and depth of research as easily as we can today. We were more prone to the hype and ceremony of selling.

That time has passed. Making us feel stupid so that we think we need you is not the road to go.

Connect with me first. Relate.

Draw me in by understanding me and my situation. Stay on my level.

Take listening seriously. Pay careful attention to the words I use.

Stay calm and don’t get too ahead of yourself (or me).

And there’s a better chance I’ll buy.

But shaming me or making me feel stupid? Not gonna work.

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