Matt Giovanisci: How to Build a $450,000/year Business When College Fails You Twice

Hosted by Brandon Hull

School just wasn’t Matt’s thing. Like, ever.

He hated school and, honestly, didn’t do well in it. He gave college a try…twice, and it just wasn’t for him—much to the disappointment of his father.

But none of that slowed him down. Over 10 years ago, Matt started a blog all about swimming pool and hot tub care. And today Matt runs a small, but powerful business with properties like Swim UniversityMoney Lab, and Lasso.

The internet levels the playing field. You could be from any country, with any level of education, even with significant physical disabilities or perceived liabilities, but if you’re willing to put your shoulder to the wheel, learn some skills on your own and put them to relentless work, it can pay off.

It makes the impossible possible for people who might otherwise struggle to ‘make it’ following the traditional corporate path.

Matt is brilliant, but walking down the same path so many walk down wasn’t going to cut it for him. Years ago that would have been a major problem and his future would probably have been curtailed. But that’s not his story. He’s nearly a half million in sales, transparently sharing what’s working and not working along the way.

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