Matt Johnson: Building a $30K/mo Company with Podcaster-turned-CEO

Hosted by Brandon Hull

Matt Johnson is proving that even the most upstart industries can lead to multiple six-figures in revenue in short order. He runs a service business called Pursuing Results, a turn-key podcast marketing solution, that helps experts in whatever industry, start their own podcast, build an authoritative presence and a devoted following online.

His team helps him manage every aspect of producing podcasts for his customers.

Matt and his team have been able to create a clearly-defined service designed to meet a particular need with minimal customization.

You’ll hear Matt talk about how his career got started, his initial work in real-estate and how he learned to apply streetsmart sales and marketing skills to grow and scale his business.

You’ll learn how he’s gone about finding clients, hiring virtual support staff, and how he focuses his personal efforts for maximum impact…all great lessons for freelancers and founders outside of the world of podcasting.

It’s a series of great insights on how Matt takes advantage of a new market i.e. by acting fast and scaling quickly towards business success.

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