Michael Pratt, Panamplify: From the US Army, to Wall Street, to Starting His Own SaaS

Hosted by Brandon Hull

Michael Pratt is the CEO and Co-founder of Panamplify, a really cool reporting tool specifically for digital agencies to use with their clients, with features and design that will blow away what you’ve seen from most white label solutions out there.

Michael started Panamplify only after running Extra Sauce and leading business development at Carrot Creative, agencies in Dallas, Texas. He hated how much time is wasted in reporting to clients the work his team performed for them…which resulted in the pivot to Panamplify.

But there is so much more to this story. Michael’s West Point background…his time spent on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs. His story carries the spirit of our show, where a founder has one path straight ahead of them, but eventually follows another.

And here’s a fun fact for you. I discovered Michael through his no-holds-barred commentary on LinkedIn. He pulls no punches while weighing in on software’s annoying “bro” culture, bad trends on social networks, and so, so much more. I literally LOL when I see most of his posts and not just because they’re always funny, but because he holds nothing back and it’s so refreshing to see in an age of public personas gone mad.

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