One more element for the ideal sales management system

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Good stuff from Keenan on his sales management system.

There’s a great post making the rounds amongst the sales gurus, written by Jim Keenan. It’s an overview of his sales management system.

The elements of his plan are:

talent > expectations > goals > planning > inspection > coaching > review

I really appreciate both the thought he put into that post and his willingness to share it publicly. And I agree with it. And I think it goes well beyond the realm of sales management. The only piece I’d add as its own standalone element is training.

I say that because even the most talented people you ever hire deserve some degree of training up-front (unless you’re always hiring industry insiders directly from your competition). Sales training strategies and information-gathering efforts, especially for dispersed sales teams, are ripe for a turbocharge.

It’s easier than ever for companies to produce their own audio and video programs. And it’s inexpensive for individual salespeople to implement their own prospect-researching habits. Training and (ongoing learning and sharing of best practices) should be woven into the ideal sales management system.

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