Putting the “social” in social media

Twitter. As social as you want it to be.

I get the idea that Twitter is what you make of it. But some people sure don’t make that easy.

On a good day, Twitter is a great place to connect with new people and brands to carry on conversations and do business in a fun and efficient way. Cool. We’re all good.

On a bad day, it’s like the comedy you’re dying to see because the trailer looks hilarious — but when you actually see it you’ve got to wade through a lot of boring muckety-muck, only to discover that those funny parts you saw in the trailer were the ONLY funny parts. Even if you’ve carefully chosen whom to go to that movie with.

In other words, there’s a lot of crud to sift through to get to the good stuff, even if you’re following just 100 people…which sifting process dilutes that good stuff once you finally get to it. Make sense? It makes Twitter as a social media platform awfully, I don’t know the best word to use here, viscous maybe?

So as someone who’s still just dipping his toes into these waters, but fancies himself as pretty observant, my advice is this: If you’re going to USE social media, you should probably try to BE social. Put the “social” back in social media. I know, crazy thought. And not just that I actually used the phrase “fancies himself” a couple sentences ago.

Twitter’s not a fad, but today it’s a wide open, unfiltered version of what I’m betting it will evolve into. And it’s not that people will demand a censored Twitter. They’ll just ultimately want a more cleaned-up one. So I’m thinking we should all do our part to try to be, you know, SOCIAL, since we’ll be swimming in this social media…lake…for years to come.

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