Quilt: How (and Why) Two Friends Poured Their Hearts Into a Million-Dollar Business

Hosted by Brandon Hull

In this episode, you’re going to be introduced to Quilt. Founded by our primary guests today, Ashley Sumner and Gianna Wurzl, who wanted to break womens’ reliance upon our digital social networks to help members form real social connections.

Quilt provides a membership or pay-as-you-go option, but you attend local, in-home gatherings of women who take part in real conversations, on focused subjects, to forge connections of support, love, trust, and encouragement…without having to wade through small talk, and without women having to reveal too much about themselves upfront.

There’s something important to know about this episode…

As I researched Quilt, I will admit I was confused at first. Can such a thing…exist, let alone thrive? An organized gathering of strangers who don’t even know what they have in common, getting together to open up about life, work, business, relationships, and more? This model works in 2020???

I was touched and motivated and genuinely excited about what Ashley and Gianna have built with Quilt. My time to talk with them for the podcast was limited, and yet, because I was so moved by their vision for Quilt and what they’ve built so far, I had to talk with someone else inside the organization. A member, ideally — to learn more, and to bring that part of the story to you.

So that’s what I did. And that makes this episode a bit different from our normal process.

I also don’t mind admitting that after conducting both interviews, it has made me feel much, much different about what I bring to you with Freelance to Founder in the future. This one episode resonated deeply with important experiences I’ve had in my life, within my circle of friends and even my own family. I wish I could have dove in even further with Ashley and Gianna, because what they’re doing is important.

While I’m ahead of schedule with guests, having conducted several that will be coming live to you in the weeks that wrap up this calendar year, you’re going to hear a different angle emerge from me with my interviews.

Because, when it’s all said and done, there can only be so many “how I built this” style podcasts on entrepreneurship. We can listen to the practical tips all we want. But there are bigger stories happening in the world, including in the world of founders and fundraising and business growth, and they’re weightier and more important than what we’ve covered over 100 episodes and two and a half years.

I need to get to those stories.

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