The world of sales experts

The World of Sales Experts and Trainers
Marketers? yes. Sales experts? Only maybe.

On the heels of a post on the world of social media experts, I just have to write this.

Most sales experts have not needed to sell for years. YEARS. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve marketed. They’ve given speeches. Written books. Started blogs and podcasts.

But sell? Particularly the way your company needs you and/or your team to, closing deals regularly? Not so much. Yet the philosophies flow like a rushing river.

I don’t say this to discredit them. Most of you reading this have had levels of success in your careers and have formed strong opinions about how things should be done in your professions. That’s what I’m doing here on this blog.

And that’s what they’re doing as well, as far as we know.

But good speakers on How to Sell!, who point you to their countless Amazon books, who are known for their charismatic on-stage schticks, or, yes, even manage Twitter accounts with thousands of followers, aren’t automatically credible sales experts. You have to ask: When did they last sell, really?

Forget the millions that will be spent in the future on social media marketing. Reportedly, billions more are spent annually on sales training right now (PDF). If you’re planning to be lumped into that number, research wisely. Turn to a company that evaluates those trainers and gurus, like Dave Stein’s ES Research Group.

Don’t just go with the hottest, funniest, loudest, or most oft-published.

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