Scott Keyes: Why Scott Quit His Job After Thousands of Customers Joined ‘Scott’s Cheap Flights’

Hosted by Brandon Hull

Before he ran Scott’s Cheap Flights, Scott Keyes was a journalist who freelanced on the side.

He loved the work, in fact. He wasn’t tired of working. It wasn’t due to extreme boredom, hatred of the ‘cubicle life,’ so to speak or anything along those lines, that caused him to start his own business. It was an innate ability to find great travel deals that turned into an email list that grew, and grew, and grew, until he almost felt obligated to turn it into a business.

Six years later, there are 22 employees involved. He’s got a killer premium membership focused on helping people find cheap flights to destinations around the world.

What I like about this episode is how we go beyond what Scott did to grow HIS business into what he’s learned about how it applies to others’. He gets asked for advice all the time, and while he realizes he didn’t map out his business in some sophisticated way, he’s learned great lessons about building a digital membership product, growing an email list, and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to competition and even internet trends.

You’ll hear how he made the decision to let Scott’s Cheap Flights become his full-time endeavor, while his other interests, including freelancing early on, were relegated to side pursuits.

Scott was generous with his time, open with his advice, and really insightful with his answers and guidance. I hope you enjoy this special episode of Freelance to Founder.

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