Sing this with me, this is forty

ThisisForty.comSometimes you have an opportunity to take part in something special. You can’t turn those chances down.

You don’t do it for money. You don’t do it for acclaim. You don’t do it for notoriety. You do it to preserve memories. You do it to recall memories. You do it for laughs. You do it to permanently record relationships that matter to you.

And so it is with This is Forty. Five of us will be writing. Actually, we already have, but the stories are getting buried in personal and work email archives and needed an outlet. Those stories may resonate with you: if you’re a guy and/or married and/or a father and/or 40 years old and therefore a product of the 1970s and 80s.

We’re talking music. We’re talking parenting. We’re talking sports. We’re talking about sentimental stuff. We’re talking about things that make us laugh. Hard. We’re talking about life today in Kansas City, in Tulsa, in Seattle, in San Diego.

It won’t be for everyone, but you’re welcome to watch from the sidelines or jump right in on our Top 5 Song challenges, our Advice for Marrying a Younger Woman, our First-Time Father Recommendations, and more.

This is Forty. Enjoy the song, enjoy the blog.


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