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You quote me, I'll quote you. And that's how we become social media experts.

Amen, Mark Schaefer.

You have lowered the boom on people marketing themselves as experts without the results to prove it.

The Twitters, Facebooks, and Elsewheres of the world are crowded with self-glossed experts.

Enough so that the term “expert” is rapidly evolving in today’s world, where a lot of content, decent tech skills, and adequate links back to you might be enough to qualify.

But is that good enough?

In a post dating back to July 25 that I wish I had read sooner, Mark says no. Emphatically. He points out in that post the dramatic investment in social media marketing that large companies are making. This sounds good. But there’s a big question to be answered.

Where are the true experts who will guide these companies to make the most of their investments? Will it be the “experts” who are the most visible? Those who have the most followers or fans?

Or should it be those who have delivered measurable, verifiable results, in dollars, for their clients? Should it be those who break out on their own only after having taken a company to new heights as an moving-and-shaking employee?

Is expertise relative or does it demand proven results? Or does it exist at all?

It’s rarely said these days, but the truth is that expertise is earned and evident in results, not knowledge or visibility.

Or at least I hope it plays out that way. Or this whole social media thing, filled with potential, is just going to implode as a fraud, filled with superficial conversations, an over-the-top focus on quantity of keyword-rich content rather than quality and results, inflated follower and fan counts, and self-styled gurus who merely quote each other from their home offices.

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  1. This is a fantastic extension of the discussion on the original post, Brandon. Well, said. Thanks for being a member of the {grow} blog community!!


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