Sometimes you just have to step it up

“Commitment” photo, by eschipul.

Sometimes you need new tools. New “things” to do your job better.

Sometimes you need more training. New knowledge or how-tos that sharpen your skills.

Sometimes you need better leadership. People who provide a compelling vision and clear-cut goals to shoot for, and who keep you focused on those goals.

And then sometimes you just need to step it up. Be all-in. Recognize that it’s on you. As the image above says, “There’s no such thing as life in between.”

Oh sure, you can complain about all of the above. There’s a good chance no one will get in your way.

(As an aside, it’s actually a shame how few people will stop you from these woe-is-me exercises. There are only a few people who care so much about you to just lay it out there and tell you. Or maybe they have the organizational responsibility to get you to stop thinking that way. You can get away with saying you just need this one more thing from your boss, your company, and no one will stop you or tell you you’re wrong.)

This post was written for those of you who lack that person who would have said, “You know, you just need to step up to the plate. You’ve got all you need. You just need to go get the job done.”

And it doesn’t really matter what you do for a living. We could all benefit from this kick in the pants every once in awhile. A little self-talk never did anyone harm.

Real estate agent? Social media community manager? Restaurant server? Marketing consultant? Programmer? Sales professional? Entrepreneur? Plumber? Freelance Fancy Pants? It doesn’t matter.

I’ve said similar things before. Things are hard before they’re easy. You gotta show a little grit.

This time it’s even more straightforward: Go do something. Stir up trouble (the good kind). Get things done. Go all-out. Take some risks. Put yourself out there. Work a little harder, a little longer. Get out of that stinkin’ comfort zone.

If not now, when?

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