The obedient and precise worker that no one wants

Be unique. Add value. Stand out.

What a genius post by Christopher Penn about the perils of being an obedient and precise worker. Now, he doesn’t just float it out there that way. There’s more to it. But that’s really the gist. He’s 100% right. The way I put it is that the world needs more initiators and finishers.

Initiators are people who get the ball rolling with ideas — rather than wait for someone else to come up with those ideas, and direct them accordingly. Initiators may stumble from time to time. But they show they’re willing to roll the dice and get things done.

Finishers are those who can see these great ideas through to completion. The best of the best employees can handle both ends of that project funnel. They can initiate and finish. Just as Christopher says the last thing you want on your team are the drones who need to be told what to do next, the first ones you need are those who initiate and finish.

A little snippet from Christopher’s post that I particularly like:

The problem with robotic work, of course, is that robots stop doing work the moment they’re no longer told to do so. They don’t create. They don’t innovate. They’re not passionate. They don’t volunteer to work late. They don’t have ideas to make a process better or make a customer happier.

I really like this sort of thinking. If ever there was a time for companies to enlist more creative thinking and problem-solving — along with rapid and rabid execution — from their employees, it’s now.

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