Things I carry: Hardware, software, and a secret weapon

I could live without some of these things.

I was hyper-productive 10 years ago without any them, but oh how I’ve come to rely on them now…

1. Moleskine notebook(s)

I’ve got three. A large black Moleskine for work notes – every conversation, every meeting gets jotted down in that sucker. A large red Moleskine for entrepreneurial thoughts – potential partnerships, variations on competitors’ products and services, it’s all in here. And a large black Evernote version I’m just now testing out.

I love #2 on my list of “things I carry”, but nothing beats scribbling and sketching on real paper when I’ve got to get an idea down quickly. And no, I don’t literally carry all three at the same time.

2. iPhone 4S

Okay, maybe the iPhone 5 is faster and has more screen real estate. I don’t care. Mine is more than sufficient. I’m on Verizon, and the lack of ability to do the whole data/call-at-the-same-time bugs me, but I can live. I don’t want a behemoth screen, and I don’t want my phone any thicker than this since I often go dangerously case-less.

3. iPad Mini

It’s the perfect size and weight. I grab my ORIGINAL iPad occasionally – the one I’ve cast off as a gaming device for my kids – and holy smokes that one feels like it weighs as much as a pregnant watermelon. First world problems, I know. Screen resolution is perfectly adequate, and the speed is unreal on wifi.

Alright…here’s the meat of this post. Between my iPhone and iPad, here are the apps that I use nearly every single day, beyond the standard social network apps: BoxDraftsDropboxEvernoteFeedlyFlipboardGospel Library, Keynote, Kindle, MailboxPocket, Skitch (buggy, but still useful), and Wunderlist (oh how I love thee, Wunderlist, though it was hard to part with Orchestra and its awesome emailing-in-a-todo feature).

4. Diet Coke

Don’t lecture me. I need to some day wean myself off. But that day is not today.

What do you carry?

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