What happens when you sell out your product?

Miami Heat Season Tickets Sold Out
Miami Heat Season Tickets Sold Out

Let’s say your product becomes so in-demand that sales just happen, with little or no effort.

Let’s say that they just happen to the degree that you’ve completely sold out of your product for the next 12 months. You’re the VP of Sales for this company. What do you do?

Well, if you’re Stephen Weber, the VP of Sales for the Miami Heat, you (reportedly) fire your entire 30-person sales staff, that’s what.

My only question: What does Stephen Weber do now? He has no staff to lead. He has no product that needs to be sold. Does he spend the next 12 months planning for next year’s season-ticket sales drive? Will it take 12 months to plan next year’s sales efforts when you’ve got LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh under contract?

My focus would be on sponsorships. This team should rake in the revenue on corporate sponsorships at this point. Forget The Official Thirst Quencher of the Miami Heat. I’d go after the The Official Cigar of the Miami Heat. The Official Urinal Screen of the Miami Heat. The Official Baptist Church of the Miami Heat.

There should be no end to the corporate sponsors I would go after. But that’s just me.

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