Whoa little fella, you’re not speaking my language



This post is genius.

Salespeople should read it. Marketers. Even brand managers.

The problem with too many in those three populations is that they’re so wrapped up in their own worlds — their products’ features, their services’ benefits, their tech specs, their retail experience — that they talk in their own language, yet still expect everyone to perk up when they start yapping.

There’s no discovery. No surveying. No needs assessment. And there’s no true understanding before the talking and selling begin.

We’ve all been guilty of this at some point or another. We’re so amped-up, biting at the bit, to say what we want to say in the way we planned to say it, that we give no thought to either asking questions to see things from the others’ perspective.

Let alone frame what we’re going to say in a context that with the very people we’re hoping to influence.

So here’s wisdom: don’t do this.

Speak the language of your target audience. Do it in writing. Do it conversation. But don’t do it in either until you know what’s on the minds of that target audience by talking with them.

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