You’ve got to have more than one skill

Been a long time since I listened to anything from Jim Rohn, so while bumping around in iTunes the other day, I ran into a great little $3.95 audio that I immediately purchased: Living an Exceptional Life. Jim passed away just last December, but left behind a legacy of great guidance.

Among the many, many gems in the audiobook is this simple beauty: You’ve got to have more than one skill.

I can’t think of anything more relevant to today’s challenging workplace than this. How many one-trick ponies do you know out there? How many people who can only sell…who can only landscape…who can only run the credit and collections department? Worse, how many people do a variety of things in their personal lives without ever taking the next step to become an expert, and therefore become more valuable to the marketplace?

Think about these 21st Century activities: You can read this blog, but can you install WordPress and set one up yourself? You can click a link to visit a website, but have you researched what makes a site ranking higher than others? You can use a camcorder, but can you slice the videos up, edit, and create a movie? You can take a photo, but can you completely transform it in Photoshop?

It’s okay to say you’re not interested in doing any of these things better than you currently do them. Or knowing how to turn them into business-ready skills. But know that when you turn your back on deeper knowledge or expertise of “other things” beyond your job, you turn your back on opportunities.

Anyone can take up space on a corporate payroll, but only a few invest personal time to become an expert in something that’s only a tangent to their current day-job. When you do this, you make yourself far more valuable to the marketplace.

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